Welcome to your future kitchen! Add a Rooms kitchen comes in two designs, both built to maximize space. The kitchens are identical in terms of materials and functions but differ in size. The kitchen is delivered completely turnkey, just add your cooking gear!

Large kitchen

Dimensions: 2774 x 2300 x 700 mm

Price: 71,500 DKK

The large kitchen fills the entire width of the house and is placed on the short side. The kitchen provides a spacious cooking area, with good lighting from the wide window that is included. This is the perfect kitchen for a permanent house, or the food lover’s summer house.

Small kitchen

Dimensions: 1800 x 2300 x 700 mm

Price: 70,000 DKK (52,000 DKK in combination with bathroom)

The small kitchen acts as a natural room divider and is usually placed somewhere in the middle of the module. The kitchen is often placed directly next to a bathroom, to facilitate piping, which results in a lower price. The size is small enough to provide a passage next to it, but still large enough for full-scale meals.

Kitchen counter

The stainless steel kitchen counter is specially built in Denmark, adapted to the size of the house. The bench has a large sink with Grohe faucet in one end, and built-in stove in the other.

Below counter

A refrigerator, an oven and storage space is found below the counter. Here it can also be prepared for a dishwasher. As standard, the kitchen is delivered with a trendy curtain covering the storage space and refrigerator, but as an option for 4,000 DKK, the kitchen is available with IKEA VOXTORP doors.

Above counter

Above the bench, open shelves are placed for easy storage and access. As an option of 4,000 DKK, IKEA voxtorp doors can be placed. As standard, the house is delivered with a carbon filter kitchen fan, which can be replaced with a ventilating kitchen fan for 9,000 DKK.

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