Daylight is important for our wellbeing, also when we are indoors. Thus, windows are an importing part of a building. The windows should provide daylight option with different qualities for different activities in the house and have a quality which avoids overheating in the room and can reduce the amount of energy leaving the building. For those reasons we have chosen VELFAC windows and doors.

Energy efficient

VELFAC composite aluminium / timber frames are designed to deliver maximum energy efficiency. A VELFAC window can achieve a U-value as low as 0.8W/m2K.

Choosing new modern energy-efficient windows, you will take advantage of sunlight and avoid excessive heat loss through the pane. This could save you up to 30 percent on your heating bills compared to older windows.

The VELFAC slim frame maximizes solar gain and natural light – reducing dependency on artificial heating or lighting – and helps reduce U-values further, as glazing is usually more energy efficient than the frame.

Danish indoor climate label and FSC wood

VELFAC uses FSC® certified and Danish Indoor Climate-labelled wood. In addition, our products have a long service life, which means that they should not need to be replaced for 40 to 60 years, after installation where our recommended maintenance regime is followed.

FSC is an abbreviation for Forest Stewardship Council®. When you choose windows with FSC certification, you help to ensure the nature and the social conditions in the forests from which the wood comes.

The FSC is an international, independent non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. The FSC is supported by a number of NGOs, including the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature and Greenpeace.

Behind FSC-certified products is a system that checks the origin of the wood. This system ensures that wood from FSC-certified wood can be traced all the way from the forest to the consumer.

Add a Room uses the 3-layer window VELFAC 200 ENERGY which i.a. is A-marked and meets future U-value requirements in both BR18 and BR20 Danish Building Regulations). In this way, the windows help to reduce the heat loss of buildings as well as their CO2 emissions.

Sliding glass door

Dimension: 2870 x 2330 mm

Price: 36 500 DKK (One included per module)

The big sliding doors are cornerstone to the merging of indoor and outdoors. The sliding doors are custom made for Add a Rooms houses, stretches full floor to ceiling and side to side at the short-end. This gives a perfect gateway to the cozy veranda, and you’ll barely realise that you went outside!

In each Add a Room module one sliding glass door is included, which can be placed at the short-end, as well as the long-end.

High window

Dimension: 500 x 2330 (2150) mm

Price: 17 400 DKK (One included per module)

The high, openable window stretches full floor to ceiling and can be used as an extra veranda door. The window is included in the 20, 25 and 30 square meter modules, and can freely be placed at the long side.

You can also have a high window in the bathroom. When used in here, the window starts 150 mm above floor level, to meet the wet room regulations. When choosing a bathroom, an extra window (either high or small) is included.

Small window

Dimensions: 870 x 500 mm

Price: 7 000 DKK

The small window is included in all modules, and is placed at the short-end, either as a bathroom window, or right next to the bed to get closer to nature. The window is openable.

Long window

Dimensions: 2870 x 500 mm

Price: 17 400 DKK

The long window stretches from side to side at the short-end at the house. This window perfectly suits the big kitchen to provide natural cooking light. The window has an openable section at 870 x 500 mm.

Entrance door

Dimensions: 870 x 2330 mm

Price: 19 600 DKK (1 included)

The entrance door is a glass door from Velfac, and can be placed at all sides.