A living concept for the modern world,

Turnkey house modules up to 30 square meters, totally connectable. Like Lego for adults, we usually say! Add the opportunities to move, expand or reduce your housing in the event of life changes, and you got a living concept adapted to the pace of change in the modern world.

  • Permanent house
  • Summer house
  • Generational house
  • Cabin
  • Office
  • Extension of existing house

See the house in your own backyard!

We have now made it possible for you to try placing our Addaroom module on your own property with a mobile phone or iPad. We have created three different AR (augmented reality) models for our modular houses: 20 sq m, 25 sq m and 30 sq m, so our customers can get a sense of how much space it takes up on the property and the size of the module. But the smart thing is, you can “go inside” the house and see your own view (your backyard) through the windows (using your mobile phone or iPad).

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built for coming generations,

The development of the first Add a Room house back in 2010 was quite straight forward. Handpicking the very best components each Scandinavian country offers, to provide as maintenance-free and sustainable a wooden house as possible; providing the best possible future for you, the generations to come, and our planet.

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with a timeless design!

A house built for decades needs a design that always feels modern, regardless of era. This is how top architect Lars Frank Nielsen has reasoned since his first sketch back in 2010. The result is an elegant, minimalistic design, giving the Scandinavian materials a well deserved, elegant look.

Meet Lars Frank Nielsen