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Add a Room focuses on sustainability in terms of design, functionality, quality and environmental awareness. Scandinavian houses that last forever by one of Denmark’s top architects.


The design and materials are predefined making it easy for our customers to purchase confidently. The houses are built indoors in Scandinavia and transported by truck directly to your plot, eliminating messy building work and delays due to weather conditions.


Our modules are like playing with building blocks! They can be linked together with other modules, added and removed to create your perfect living space. Don't over consume – buy little at a time :)


Think big live small! It’s all about enjoying life, simplifying and optimising your living space, merging the inside and out whilst reducing maintenance and your ecological footprint. We call it “compact smart living”.

Add a Room can be anything your imagination desires.
Watch dreams come true. 

Kristine Kemp

Kristine Kemp

"My ONE+ basic module is perfect for its new environment. It radiates a security in the countryside. It is solid grounded and yet like a ship that sails me through the Skåne countryside. ONE+ is well thought out and have tremendous vitality despite its few sqm. At all stages, from the initial inquiry, reflections back and forth, the final decision and preparation of the foundation for the house, Susanne and Svenne with their warm and genuine interest, secured a successful, fun and trusting process. It has been a great collaboration and the result is supreme."

Elisabeth Bengtsson

Elisabeth Bengtsson

"I have a pretty small cottage in Sorunda at Stockholm and felt ​I needed more room for guests. I had been looking around for quite some time after a suitable guest house but had not found anything that suited the location and looked good with the existing cottage. Then I saw Add a Room at an exhibition at Ulriksdal Castle in Stockholm and loved it! The house is built by Sven Hansson and I am very happy with everything. I have had many guests who have spent the night and everyone is completely charmed by ​the house and the fantastic view you have through the ​sliding doors."

Michael Tolstrup

Michael Tolstrup

"Syddjurs Municipality has collaborated with Add a Room on the creation of an exhibition building, which today stands beautifully on the waterfront in Ebeltoft overlooking the hills of Mols. With Add a Room's stunningly beautiful and flexible minihouses the result has been exactly as desired. At the same time the dialogue with Susanne and her people worked fantastic and we have rarely experienced such willingness to cooperate"

Our modular houses can be interconnected in countless ways.

Let inside and outside merge with Add a Room.