The sauna was never a question. It would simply be a lie to claim that Add a Room combines the best of the Nordics, while excluding the timeless traditional sauna. Chop your wood, bring your swim gear, and let us show you this Nordic, ancient tradition.

The sauna fits perfectly as well as a separate module, dedicated for the meditative process, perhaps with a small changing room/spa, equally suited to a building combined with a guest room or home office.


The full sauna ritual starts already a couple of hours before jumping into the sauna. Chopping the wood, starting the fire and regularly checking the temperature to hit the favorite degree by decimal, is also a part of the meditative, back to basic tradition. Therefore, our favorite heating solution is the traditional wood stove. However, in a busy life an electrical switch is often the tipping point in the decision if a sauna should be taken after a long day at work. For those moments, our electrical heated sauna is perfect.


The sauna is available in two sizes, a smaller sauna when combined with another room, as well as a bigger option filling the entire 10 m2 module.