Facade cladding

The facade cladding from Superwood was chosen for the Add a Room houses in 2010 due to the patented, environmentally friendly impregnation, packaged in an elegant architecture designed board. More than 10 years later Superwood’s techniques are still market leading.

Award winning sustainability

Superwood has developed an impregnation technique, which impregnates the wood to the core, without the use of heavy metals. The patented technique has won European Union’s environmental prizes.

The wood used is FSC and PEFC certified.

Read more about Superwood’s sustainability See EPD

Danish architecture

The profile SW01 AART has been developed by AART Architects. Classic fur and groove clothing for horizontal and vertical clothing.

The profile creates air between the boards, so that a characteristic lightness in the expression is achieved.

At the same time, three-dimensional depth effect is given in the play between light and shadow.

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Unpainted Superwood

4 years old modules at left, module just delivered to the right.

With the core impregnated board, there is no need for painting. When unpainted, the facade gradually turns in to a beautiful, grey color, with no needs for future painting.

Painted superwood

As an option at 22 000 DKK, your module can be painted black. The painting is done in Superwoods production, with Svanen-labelled paint.