A mini house as a complement to the existing summer house, fully equipped with kitchenette and bathroom.

The house is used as a guest house, but can also be placed completely independently as a minimalistic getaway house.

“I got a fairly small summer house in Sorunda near Stockholm and felt that more beds would be needed for guests. I’d been looking around for quite some time for a suitable guest house, but couldn’t find something that fit the place and matched the existing house. Then I saw Add a Rooms showhouse in Ulriksdal and was completely sold! I am very happy with everything so far. I’ve had many guests who have stayed overnight and everyone is completely captivated by the house and the fantastic view from the large glass section. “

Other cabins

  • The getaway house for the Danish artist
  • The beach-house
  • The extra cabin for two independent teenagers
  • The rental house just outside the capital
  • The outdoor connected extension of a permanent house
  • The complete minihome