The buying process

Purchasing a home is a big event in life, with lots of feelings involved. With more than 10 years of experience, we’re ready to help you through the entire process, from the first meeting with the municipality, through land preparation, into a long-term relationship reaching much further than the delivery day. Let us take you on a tour through the buying process.

Step 1, the inspiration process

Have an inspiration round, play with our Online Builder, or book an online meeting to discuss the possibilities.

Step 2, feel an Add a Room

How wide is 2.74 cm? What are the light intrusions of the window sections? How does an Add a Room FEEL? There are questions that we, regardless of the amount of specifications on the website, simply can not answer, but must be experienced.

We believe that the absolute best way to experience a house is by moving in. Therefore, we have three Add a Room houses for rent, where the rent is refunded when ordering a house. Read more about our rental houses here.

An easier way to get an idea of ​​the houses is by booking a free viewing. Contact us and we will try to arrange a viewing close to you!

Once you have an idea of ​​how an Add a Room feels, and which modules are best suited, there may still be thoughts about how it best would be applied to your plot. Should the veranda be placed with the sea view to the north, or towards the sun in south? How does the house best blend in with existing nature, or with other buildings on the site? Our sales department consists of architects, who loves giving advices. You can also book a visit from the top architect Lars Frank Nielsen, who then will come out and sketch a unique layout for your plot.

Step 3, the purchase and building permit process

After we have developed your dream house together on paper, a conditional purchase agreement is entered into, where you as a customer pay 10% of the purchase amount. Our experts then begin the building permit application, and a place in the production for your house is planned. The agreement is conditional until a building permit is granted, if a building permit is denied for some reason, the payment is refunded, less the costs related to the building permit. It is also possible to carry out the building permit application yourself, which, however, results in a longer delivery time.

Step 4, the construction process

When the building permit is approved, production of your house will begin! You are welcome at any time to visit our production in West Jutland to see the progress. About 5-6 months after the approved building permit, your house is ready for delivery. During the construction period, we will help you arrange a local craftsman for foundations and connections of electricity and plumbing.

Step 5 and 6, Delivery and crane lift

Time for delivery! You will be informed in good time about the planned delivery time, for the opportunity to witness the delivery. The housing is lifted in place with the help of the built-in hooks. In case of excess time, the delivery team is happy to participate in a roofing party!

Step 7 and 8, final connections

The building phase is almost at the end. If you have bought several modules, we just need to attach them. This will be done by professionals from Add A Room – we need about one day per connection. When you buy a house with electrical and or plumbing work a professional must connect the house. It usually takes half a day per module.

Step 9, Long-term customer relationship

We do everything to ensure that your experience matches our previous customers! We are always just as happy when we get pictures of new creative solutions, or how the unpainted wood has now patinated to a gray shade. In the event of changing life situations that require the need for the housing to adapt, we are always available as support, regardless of whether it is an increase in the living space by one more module, or a decrease through the sale of one module.