The rental house just outside the capital

Just outside Stockholm, we find the financial adviser Michael’s villa with associated plot. For Michael, Add a Room was an opportunity to contribute to a reduced housing shortage, at the same time as it could contribute with passive income, and in the future provide a more flexible life. We’ll let Michael tell the story himself!

“In 2016, I bought a 25 m2 house from Add a Room with the idea of ​​being able to have a small house for rent, and that we in the future could use as our own accommodation during the periods when we are not abroad. I wanted a house that was well insulated & with good quality as we ourselves intend to live in it.

The house is today used as accommodation for a couple who moved here from Germany. Both me and the couple who rents it are positively surprised by the house’s insulating ability as it has been fully sufficient with only one element throughout the winter.

The quality and functions in general feel good in every way & the large openable window area did not get cold during the winter but provides fantastic opportunities to get in close contact with nature – especially during the summer.

I am very pleased that I decided to choose a solid house in a slightly higher price range than I initially thought, from a company that keeps their promises throughout the process!” – Michael

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