A building adapted to the modern world

Let us combine the best Scandinavia has to offer, in terms of materials and design. This is how it sounded in 2010 when Add a Rooms first house was developed. A combination of Lars Frank Nielsen’s timeless architecture and Scandinavias world-leading position in wooden houses, gave a near close to maintenance-freesustainable, wooden house, ready to be used for many generations. The majority of the material choices still exist today, but are constantly evaluated based on quality, sustainability and design.

Circular module concept

Add a Rooms modules are available in five sizes, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 square meters. With the unique construction and design, the modules can be connected together on all horizontal joints. This gives you the freedom to tailor a house for your exact needs, while still ensuring the top class design from Lars Frank Nielsen.

The Lego-like concept not only gives freedom in the design of your house, but also a flexibility preventing overconsumption. With the freedom to expand the living space over time, this is a solution that can adapt to life changes. The modules are built with hooks in the ceiling to be able to be moved and reused, to contribute to a more circular lifestyle.

Built for coming generations

To hand over your house to the next generation in 50 years, in the same high standard as today, the choice of materials are of utmost importance. The handover to the next generation, however, includes not only the quality of the house, but also that of the planet. We strive to deliver the best possible future for the coming generations through a behavioural change and the perception of living, together with a constant effort to deliver houses with as sustainable materials as possible.