Please let us introduce you to our new Add On – an Add a Room shelter.

The Add a Room shelter is a new product in the Add a Room family and is another of Add a Rooms “back to basics with a bit of luxury”.

Transparency! views throughout the shelter.

The module is built of wood, identical to our house modules, with the same look as our modules.

The Add a Room shelter can be used as a sleep over experience and/or an extra bedroom for family and friends.

It’s the perfect way for getting closer to nature.

Outside in and Inside out – it doesn’t matter – the views are magnificent and “pure nature”

Transportation and foundation

Is not included. You can have it delivered in one piece or as a flatpack. The shelter needs one post in each corner as foundation.

Flatpack information

  • 4 walls delivered in 4 parts
  • Floor is delivered in 2 parts
  • The roof is delivered in 2 blocks with Underlay cardboard roof.
  • Roofing felt and details are mounted on site
  • Everything you need to do the mounting is included

The weight of the heaviest parts is approximately 70 kg. Everything is prepared for mounting and the mounting takes around 5 hours after the corner post is prepared