Move in to get a real feeling of our houses

To get an in-depth view of how an Add a Room feels to live in, we’re offering the possibility to test-live an Add a Room. By spending a couple of nights in one of our houses, you’ll get a great picture of ​​the various modules and options, and which ones are best suited for your home. Add a Room has got two showrooms for rent, as well as a customer collaboration. When ordering an Add a Room within two years, up to four nights rent is refunded.

Nynäshamn, Sweden

About 50 minutes south of Stockholm, you will find a 55 square meter Add a Room, consisting of three house modules, two outdoor benches and large amounts of veranda. The house is described in more detail here.

Klitmøller, Denmark

In the heart of the surf mecca Klitmøller, a 60 square meter large Add a Room holiday home is for rental. The surroundings provides you with a great vacation, while test-living the house. The house was built in 2020.

Tyresö, Sweden

Only 30 minutes from Stockholm, we offer you to test live our showhouse of 25 square meters. The house is perfect for the person / couple who are curious about how it feels to live tiny!