The elegant windscreen that makes cooking in summertime a joy.

With an outdoor kitchen, the family can be together on the veranda and enjoy the last sun of the day while preparing dinner. Choose whether you want to replace the large kitchen indoors with a small kitchenette and outdoor kitchen, or whether you want two options for high-quality cooking.

The stainless-steel kitchen table of 230 cm provides a large work area, which is a spacious sink with faucet and two built-in, gas-fired hobs. Next to the bench you will find a convenient storage area.


The module is built exclusively of wood, identical to our house modules, with the exception of the table. The kitchen table is, as with the indoor kitchen in stainless steel and produced in Denmark, tailored to Add a Room to provide the maximum amount of cooking space. Stainless steel is a relatively energy-intensive process in manufacturing with significant carbon dioxide emissions as a result. In terms of product life, however, stainless steel has a low environmental impact compared to the alternatives. The longevity combined with Add a Room’s pursuit of as maintenance-free a house as possible, stainless steel is the winner in our eyes!