Interior walls for a maximized living space and a healthy indoor climate

In a small house, every extra centimetre of wall thickness gives a significant impact on the living space. Therefore, we have chosen to build our interior walls with alternative materials that only requires one layer, compared to the classic interior wall which consists of a layer of plywood, with a layer of gypsum on top.

Fiber plasterboard as standard

As standard, your Add a Room is delivered with unpainted inner walls of fibre plasterboard. Fibre plasterboard is a material that provides a thin, durable wall, with good sound insulation and fire safety. The board used is the Danish-produced Knauf Ultra Board.

Recyclable product selection

Gypsum is usually placed somewhere in the middle of a durability scale. The long life-span is weighed down by the limited possibilities for recycling. We are therefore proud to be able to offer a gypsum that is 100% recyclable. In the production process of Ultra board, recycling gypsum and industrial gypsum (by-product from combined heat and power plants) are mostly used, with a cardboard surface of recycled paper, which reduces the need for filling. For a more in-depth look at Ultra board’s environmental impact, the product’s EPD, Environmental Product Declaration can be downloaded here.

Danish Indoor Climate Labelling

For us, it is obvious that our inner walls should be free from emitting toxins, particles or dust. Ultra board is marked with Danish Indoor Climate Labelling, which ensures a healthy indoor climate.

Pre-painted as an option

If you do not want to deal with the painting yourself, you can have the interior walls pre-painted from our factory. The price is 22,000 DKK per module including spartling.

Organic interior walls of birch plywood

Let the wood permeate the whole house, even the inside! Birch plywood gives a delicious, raw look, still with only one layer of inner wall. With the birch plywood option, B / BB class and FSC label is guaranteed. The market for birch plywood is expanding, and Add a Room does not have a permanent supplier of the plywood. Instead, we make an assessment the moment you choose the option, which you can of course take part in before ordering! Feel free to contact us for more information about the option!