The getaway house in the Swedish forests

Surrounded by forest, mooses, mushrooms and archipelago, only 50 minutes from Stockholm, you’ll find a 55 square meter Add a Room. The three house modules are surrounded by outdoor modules, terraces and pergolas.

An L-shaped house, consisting of a 15 m2 module and a 20 m2 module, functions as a kitchen and living room. The kitchen is located on one short side, directly adjacent to the large sliding door area, which leads out to the veranda.

In the opposite part you will find a living room with a panoramic view into the forest, which with the help of a curtain and sofa bed can be transformed into a bedroom. The house is connected to the sleeping area of ​​20 m2 via an outdoor bench, which is divided into two bedrooms.

The approximately 50 square meter large veranda is thanks to outdoor modules and pergola makes it very protected from wind, for the maximum number of wonderful summer evenings.


Does the layout look familiar? Well spotted! This house is reused, and also shown here, as a pop up showroom.

The house was between 2013 and 2016 Syddjurs municipality’s showroom for tourist attractions. When the exhibition was finished, the modules were lifted onto a truck, and driven too Sweden to be reused as a showroom and rental house, as part of Add a Room’s vision of a more circular consumption of living.

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