A getaway house for three generations

In Mols, just outside of Aarhus, we’ll find Lisbeth and Palles Add a Room, named the beach-house. The beach-house consists of a 30 m2 Add a Room module, with a kitchen, bathroom and a separate bedroom. We’ve decided to let Lisbeth tell her own story about the beach-house.

“I knew an old woman for many years here at Mols, who became over hundred years old. She loved to recount life in the old days. Among other things, she told me how the family in the summertime on Sundays always went to the beach and their beach-house with coffee and a food basket. At that time, it was common for the farms to have a beach plot, and many had built a small house there. It was some wonderful days with the parents and the eight siblings.

In February 2020, we went for a walk by our favorite beach and happened to pass a homemade sign with two plots for sale in one of the old parcels. It was the 3rd generation of a family who had inherited a large plot all the way down to the water, and they now wanted to divest two plots. Then the idea of ​​the bathhouse was reborn!

We got four sons, and two of them live with their family 15-20 km from here. We immediately thought of bathing Sundays with coffee on the terrace and playing with the grandchildren by the water. We immediately struck out and bought one of the plots. We had previously looked at Add a Room and agreed that it would fit perfectly between the trees on the natural plot, which should be as untouched as possible. 30 m2 would be perfect, at least for the start!

Our youngest son lives in Vesterbro, in the middle of Copenhagen in a small apartment, and is expecting his first child with his girlfriend this summer. When they saw the house, they immediately booked it for part of their maternity leave. Our other Copenhagen family lives on Amager. They are nature lovers and looks forward to weekends with birdsong and wave noise instead of traffic noise.

We have chosen furniture in the kitchen that can be moved outdoors and used on the terrace, and then the children can sleep on folding mattresses at the floor, or put up a small tent outside. Our grandkid, who goes to high school, asks to borrow it for exam reading with a friend.

And then comes the last new invention: In these corona times, we all need closeness and presence, and that is something a house like this invite to. What says that only the young people can go on romantic weekends? Now we are going on romantic weekends in our little house. Go for walks / runs along the water, bathe when the weather is right, eat brunch on the terrace, play board games, drink red wine or champagne in the evening and sleep arm in arm on the little futon!

And when the kids inherit the house, they can add what they need. Who knows, maybe a little house for every family scattered around the plot. Now we’ve at least started it, with our beach-house.”

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