The getaway house for the danish artist

In the south of Sweden, the Danish artist Kristine got her own retreat where life is brought closer to nature, and creativity can flow.  A Swedish farm with an idyllic 120 m2 barn, which just as easily could have been featured at an iconic post card. Regardless of the barn’s charm, the accommodation options in it are limited, which led Kristine to find Add a Room.

Kristine, who spends most of her time outdoors, either in her own garden or in a hammock with a book, chose a minimalistic 15 m2 module with a combined bedroom and kitchen. The bathroom was already in the barn! The small house of 15 m2 fits perfectly with the large barn, and the large outdoor kitchen provided wonderful opportunities to prepare the home-grown food.

“My 15 m<sup>2</sup> module is as created for its new surroundings and exudes a security in the landscape. It is firmly anchored and yet like a ship that sails me through the Scanian landscape. The house is well thought out and has colossal vitality despite its few square meters. During all phases, from the first inquiry, to the preparation of the ground and delivery Add a Room with their warm and sincere interest have ensured a successful, fun and trusting process. It has been a great collaboration, and the result is superb. ”  – Kristine

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