Modular living

With the rapid change in the modern world, combined with serious climate issues, we find traditional housing unnecessarily static.

With linkable and moveable turn-key modules, we strive a more circular view of living where only todays need of living space is consumed. A house adaptable to life changes, in a constant changing world.

With Add a Room, you’ll be able to move today’s consumption of extra living space for a future increase in family size, to the future and only when it is needed.

When the day comes for the kids to move out, let them take a module, move it to the summer house, or sell it.

Again, you’ll be left with the living space adapted for the current situation, eliminating overconsumption.

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Closer to nature

Urbanisation and technological developments move us further from nature in our everyday life. The fundamental needs of time in nature exist however and is often compensated with nature vacations and dedicated weekly forest hikes.

We believe that today is easier than ever to spend daily life closer to nature. Our spacious decks, pergolas, outdoor units and windows with very thin frames are all carefully chosen to ensure the feeling of outside and inside melting together, to move you closer to nature.


Timeless design

Do you know Lars Frank Nielsen? He is the architect who created the design with the beautiful and simple expression in Add a Room’s houses.

Amongst others, he is known for being one of three founders of the architect company 3xN, who have created many famous buildings. For example, Arkitektens hus in Copenhagen and the Danish embassy in Berlin.

“Our wish was to design a simple, almost minimalistic house, which could stand alone, be connected directly by multiple modules or with connection to outside space elements. We had a feeling that we created a nice little house, but the big win lies in extending or combining with other modules. The concept should be an alternative way to build a summerhouse or holiday cottage. We believe that people are tired of small mini standard houses, when they want to build a summer house or a holiday cottage. This possibility opens up for several alternatives and another way to spend your spare time.”

Lars Frank Nielsen