The extra house for your plot, or the minimalistic getaway house!

The year was 2010 when Lars Frank Nielsen drew the first sketch of Add a Rooms modules. The bestseller is was the 15 m2  due to a decision in the Swedish congress a couple of years earlier that made it possible to build a 15 square meter building without a permit. 10 years later the building options have increased to 30 m2 , and the trend with building permit-free extra houses is spreading to other European countries!

The opportunities for you as a homeowner are great. Regardless whether you’re in need of a teenage house, a home office, a sauna or a rental house, we are ready to help you through the entire process!

Below you will find inspiration on how your turnkey cabin can be designed, where only your imagination sets the limit. Do not hesitate to book a viewing, or let Lars Frank Nielsen, one of Denmark’s foremost architects, visit you.