Please let us introduce you to our new Add On – the Add a Room shelter. The Add a Room shelter is a new product in the Add a Room family and is another of Add a Rooms “back to basics products with a bit of luxury”.

Drum roll, it comes with true transparency! You can see right through the shelter.

The Add a Room shelter can be used as a sleep over experience and/or an extra bedroom for family and friends.

It’s a perfect way getting close to nature.

Outside in and Inside out, it doesn’t matter – the views are magnificent and “purely natural”



The shelter is 2,5×2,7m outside and 2,3×2,5m inside and around 1,4 high to 1,15m at the lowest point inside.

Please read further down for more information.


The house is built in wood and is inn all our modules using the Danish designed environmental conscious Superwood. This wood doesn’t require any paint and will turn grey naturally over time. You can of course also paint it yourself in your favourite colour or order it with black paint.

It comes with wooden doors as well as a huge window to merge the inside with the outside to ensure an optimal nature experience.

Price: 49.000 DKK

The price is the same if you choose it delivered in one piece or as a flatpack.

Transportation and foundation:

Transportation and foundation is not included. You can have it delivered in one piece or as a flatpack. The shelter needs one post in each corner as foundation.

Flatpack information:

  • 4 walls approximately 100 kg per wall
  • Floor joist is delivered as a frame and the floorboards is mounting on site.
  • The roof is delivers in 2 blocks with Underlay cardboard roof.
  • Roofing felt and details is mounting on site


If you have any questions or would like more information please use the contact form below: