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Make your idea into a house construction

How does your dream house look? It is now all ideas can become a reality. With numerous combination possibilities and solid materials, you can get a house, that not only fulfils your dreams today. It can also grow with family or a business and be passed on from generation with an easy mind.

Imagine wood that matches the green surroundings perfectly. Or daydream into thoughts of enchanting views that await from the veranda.

This can be the space for many summer evenings with barbecue and good company. Even imagine a classic winter wonderland scene, where you admire the snow covered landscape from your big windows with a nice cup of warm coffee in your hands.

Module Sizes

Basic layout solutions

Large bathroom Large bathroom
Large Kitchen Large Kitchen
Sauna and Room Sauna and Room

Additional layout solutions for modules

Plan solution for 25 sq.m. Plan solution for 25 sq.m.
Plan solution for 20 sq.m. Plan solution for 20 sq.m.

Outdoor modules

Outdoor linking module with bench Outdoor linking module with bench
Outdoor linking module with Kitchen Outdoor linking module with Kitchen

Price list

Get the full overview. Here are all types of modules and prices.




At Add A Room you construct your own house based on your needs and wishes. There are modules measuring 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 square meters. Some are outdoors, others are indoors.

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Materials & construction

Materials & construction

Our goal is to create functional and beautiful homes where you can grow or downsize, to minimize your carbon footprint. All houses are made of sustainable, Nordic material and require a minimum of maintenance. And your house will be built by experienced, Scandinavian craftsmen.

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 Meet Lars Frank Nielsen

Meet Lars Frank Nielsen

All modules by Add A Room are drawn by architect Lars Frank Nielsen. He has set his stamp on beautiful buildings in many different countries, and now you can enjoy his visual look and experience. Should his next project be your dream house?

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Come and play! We have made a range of indoor and outdoor modules including interior designs, so you can create your unique house from Add A Room. Build the house that fits your life.

Basic module

Beginning with a basic module as the heart of the house in your desired size. Here you can choose between 14 different arrangements. The basic modules comes in these sizes:

  • 3,3 x 3,0 meters
  • 3,3 x 4,5 meters
  • 3,3 x 6,0 meters
  • 3,3 x 7,5 meters
  • 3,3 x 9,0 meters

With a house from Add A Room you can always grow your house in line with your needs.

The houses can be ordered with different functions

  • Bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Small bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Kitchen with oven, hotplates and fridge
  • Kitchenette with moveable hotplates and fridge
  • Bunk beds
  • Wardrobe
  • Sauna

A classic standard veranda from Add A Room is 3,3 x 2,4 meters with apergula (3.3 x 1.5 meters) in continuation of the house.

Is your dream house bigger? Just connect more modules either directly or with the outdoor modules.

Outside space elements

Let your outside space become a natural part of your house. Now you can fully erase the border between outside and inside. Use an outdoor kitchen, a veranda or an outdoor shower as the link.

Outside space elements are 3,3 x 1 meters and consists of a veranda built in a wall with a pergola and gives a little protection from the weather.

You can choose between different variations:

  • The high-quality outdoor kitchen with a big and long steel table, sink, hot plates and a cabinet on the back – all elements fully integrated in the wall.
  • The outdoor bench with at cabinet on the back – also fully integrated in the wall.
  • Both can be ordered without a veranda, if you for instance you already have one.


An Add A Room sauna isn’t necessarily just a sauna. Here we also have different possibilities. The sauna can be an integrated part of the house, with an extra room in conection. 

Material & Construction

All Add A Room houses are made of sustainable Nordic materials. We emphasize design, quality, environment and functionality in all our projects.

Let us tell you a bit more about which materials to expect in your dreamhouse:

  • Your house is built indoor in Scandinavia by our partner.
  • All Add A Room houses are isolated and can be orders as a full year house or a holiday cottage.
  • The roof looks flat, but consists of a roof pitch and welded roofing felt.
  • The house is heated by floor heating in the bathroom, where a small electrical heater or a heating system for bigger houses can be added.
  • You will get electrical venting in the bathroom including air valves in the windows. Together they secure that the houses always have continuous air circulation.
  • You can have the inside walls and ceilings spartled and painted white by choice.
  • The inside flooring is black stained core pine from the Swedish company Söder Interiör and the veranda is from the Danish company Superwood.
  • The exterior of the house is by Superwood, which has a unique characteristic wood profile.
  • The design profile is called SW 1 AART 3 and is a Danish invention. It has gone through special treatment and is the world’s largest throughout impregnated pine wood from the Nordic woods. The wooden boards are protected to the core without heavy metals and organic solvents, which gives significant extended lifetime and is, at the same time, a good choice for the environment.
  • You will get energy efficient windows from Danish Velfac with a slim aluminum frame on the outside, and a wooden profile on the inside.
  • Fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen are by Swedish Mora or Grohe.
  • The kitchen is built on IKEA cabinets with a light linen curtain. It has a customized kitchen table with a stainless-steel sink and two white shelves hanging over the kitchen table. On top of that there will be built in hot plates, an oven and fridge under the kitchen table.
  • In the bathroom you will find a Duravit toilet attached to the wall, the Starck 3 edition and a VERO sink (250×450 mm). The floor is black PVC and the walls are in a grey PVC.
  • The combination of strong sustainable materials, high quality from Scandinavian craftsmen, and a clean stylish design means, that you can safely pass on the house to the next generation.

Lars Frank Nilsen

Do you know Lars Frank Nielsen? He is the architect who created the design with the beautiful and simple expression in Add a Room’s houses.

Amongst others, he is known for being one of three founders of the architect company 3xN, which is behind many famous buildings. For example, Arkitektens hus in Copenhagen and the Danish embassy in Berlin.

When you start up ‘project dream house’ he is ready to help and guide you. Together, you will get your ideas, needs and nature to melt perfectly together.

Our wish was to design a simple, almost minimalistic house, which could stand alone, be set together directly by multiple modules or with connection to outside space elements. We had a feeling that we created a nice little house, but the big win lies in extending or combining with other modules. The concepts should be an alternative way to build a summerhouse. We believe that people are tired of small mini standard houses, when they want to build a summer house or a vacation home. This possibility opens for several alternatives and another way to spend spare time.