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A new way of living – Compact living

Today more and more people are realising that it is not only square feet that is important. What matters is the freedom and ability to choose a space based on one’s lifestyle. Compact living offers a solution to the paradigm “bigger is always better”. Add a Room’s vision is to impart this lifestyle approach to living space to the general public. Size should not be your first concern, however the quality of the home you are living in should be. Add a Room offers a house made from interchangeable parts, creating infinite possibilities which enable you to create your perfect home.

The Tiny house movement in the USA and Fair companies have well-documented the growing interest for the compact living lifestyle. The need to shed consumerism and maintain a simplistic lifestyle seems to suit people. We at Add a Room also see our customers become more and more creative with their way of living and in the way they are using our modular homes to best suit their needs.

Compact living – real life examples

With an Annex in the garden or standing next to your summer house you create the opportunity for several generations to live near you. Your teenager can get his own space while still being under your care and protection. Even your mother or father can use the Annex should the need so arise. If your family situation changes then the Annex can be moved or sold. This idea of re-using space is one of our main concepts. All our Annex modules can be re-located, they are designed to act as building blocks which fit into any Add a Room house.

A real life example can be found in Copenhagen Denmark, where a grandmother of a very nice family was living in a very big house just a few kilometres away from the rest of the family. The family installed a 40 square foot all-year ONE+ house in their garden for her to live in. By doing so the ONE+ model home became a generational house, a home the family can in future use for their kids or guests. If the situation changes they can sell the module, or add more square feet if needed.

Another example of the compact living lifestyle can be found in Stockholm where a young family with two kids bought a ONE+ modular home. They started with a modular home at 50 square feet. The plan is to add more rooms as the kids grow up, effectively making their house a living organism evolving as the family grows. A true example of compact living.

Compact living – A sustainable lifestyle

Sustainability goes hand in hand with the compact living lifestyle, a counter to consumerism and excess living. We at Add a Room focus on sustainability both in the development phase and at the production level of our houses. Our goal is it maintain and unite design, materials and functionality in one unique product. A product that in every aspect fits into the compact living lifestyle.

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