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Easy, Simple
Design your dream home

Learn more about our ONE+ Builder - watch the video and learn eactly how to use our builder App.

Visualize your dream

Combine different modules, porches and more to create the perfect living area.

To build simply lick the modules and place them on the canvas.

This is your first step in building your dream house block by block.

Calculate the cost

Click on module information in order to find out exactly what each module contains and costs.

Based on your creation we can give you a clear price estimate.

If you are just a tad over budget then simply remove some extras from your design.

Or just save you creation and leave a message for us to talk it over.

Easy and Simple

Move, turn and rotate the elements so that they fit your design. It's a simple and easy to understand the Plug 'n' Play concept.

If you regret adding an element or its position on the canvas simply move or delete it.

Save and Share

After you have finished creating your new home - you can save it and edit it later.

If you are satisfied with everything, simply send it to us and we will contact you as soon as possible to talk about your design and wishes.

ONE+ Modules

Come play with us! With our predefined modules and completely finished modules you are able to make your unique Add a Room house.

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Modules layout

ONE+ Builder

A sea of possibilities

Inside and outside mets together with Add a Room

Builder Examples

ONE+ Builder App

We are aware of a few bugs in the Builder below and will be shortly releasing an update to fix them. In the meantime, if you are struggling please do get in touch.