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About us

About us

It all began back in 2010. There was missing a new type of houses on the market. Where would one go to get a high-quality tiny house, with focus on sustainable materials and maximising the optimal use of the square meters?

This is why we created a concept, which gives you the opportunity to combine classic, Nordic simplicity with sustainable construction materials and new trends like compact and smart living. And then you can make it exactly, so it allows you to create the best setting for your life and your dreams.

The sustainability goes further than the choice of materials. It is also about creating coherency with your surroundings. Therefore, are our Add A Room houses built to be a part of the surrounding nature, connecting the inside and outside living space.

Only your imagination sets the limit. With a module-house you can customize the construction to match your needs. Do you have the perfect piece of land, where a summerhouse or holiday cottage would fit perfectly? Or do you need to add an annex or to extend your house for teenagers or a home office? It can also be a work related need, maybe a showroom or an extra meeting room?

From the beginning it has been important to us to keep all options open. The small, Scandinavian houses need to able to be passed on from generation to generation. Therefore, you can always add, move or remove a module, so you still have the perfect space.

We look forward to hear which fantastic ideas you have!

Lars Frank Nilsen

Lars Frank Nilsen

Do you know Lars Frank Nielsen? He is the architect who created the design with the beautiful and simple expression in Add a Room’s houses.

Amongst others, he is known for being one of three founders of the architect company 3xN, who have created many famous buildings. For example, Arkitektens hus in Copenhagen and the Danish embassy in Berlin.

When you are ready to start with your ‘dream house project’ he is ready to help and guide you. Together, you will get your ideas, needs and nature to melt perfectly together.

Our wish was to design a simple, almost minimalistic house, which could stand alone, be connected directly by multiple modules or with connection to outside space elements. We had a feeling that we created a nice little house, but the big win lies in extending or combining with other modules. The concept should be an alternative way to build a summerhouse or holiday cottage. We believe that people are tired of small mini standard houses, when they want to build a summer house or a holiday cottage. This possibility opens up for several alternatives and another way to spend your spare time.